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Space magnum : ASRS
  Automated Storage and Retrieval System
This is the most modern unit load, storage and retrieval system, combining advantages of several systems. It is simple, efficient, modular and easily expandable system. It not only utilizes full height, but also uses the depth to any extent.

Wide ranging applications
This system is highly versatile and the application areas are countless. It can be practically used for storing every type of material right from small electronic parts, hardware, small tools to refrigerators, drums in chemical / process industries and even storing & retrieving passenger cars in parking lots.

Space magnum : Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Constructional Features
Positive hoisting by chain
High speed application. 24 to 40 dual cycles per hour
Simultaneous X & Y axis motion
Current through shrouded bus bars/ leading trolley, trailing trolley
On-board SRM control communicates with off-board computer
On-board diagnostics identify SRM faults for rapid repair and recovery
Double arm lifting carriage ensures stability/rigidity of system
Lifting carriage is guided on 8 rollers, ensures smooth and quiet operation
Load extraction - multiple choices e.g.
Single arm telescopic fork
Double arm telescopic fork
Retriever I (*TM)
Core sensing ensures error-free operation
Ergonomically designed work station
Aisle changer hardware for multiple aisle racks
The drive and control panel are mounted at floor level for easy access
High rate of acceleration
Machine height up to 16 meters (Lattice structure mast)

Constructional Features
Full safety protocols through on-board sensors as per FEM 9.754
Racking structure, stringent design, standard as per 9.831 requirement SRM as per FEM 9.311

Space magnum : Storage Retrieval MachineThe concept
The total system consists of SRM (Storage Retrieval Machine) wherein the load carrier mounted on the mast and guided by rails moves in horizontal and vertical plain between the aisle of two storage racks. The operator window is provided at the front end of the aisle. The system is provided with a powerful PLC. The light weight and sturdy construction does not impose any limitation on the height and depth of the storage but also the speed of the load carrier can be selected depending on the requirement. Simultaneous movement of the load carrier in vertical and horizontal plane ensures high speed retrieval. This completely customised system ensures complete automation, high density storage, quick retrieval and safety.

Due to several such advantages, AS/RS are popular in developed countries and gaining acceptance over other systems even in India.

Where to use?
Being highly customised, they can be practically used in any and every stores. However, typical applications are in warehouses, finished goods and raw material stores in a large manufacturing unit such as pharmaceutical, automobile, engineering, heavy electricals etc.

Space magnum : Automated Storage and Retrieval System

Cost Effective System
Single retrieving mechanism for a large storage area saves on the cost of the system.

Integral Storage
Single, integral storage area due to optimal utilisation of height and depth ensures high density storage and allows easier control.

Space magnum : Automated Storage and Retrieval SystemFloor Space Saving
Complete height utilisation, extreme narrow aisle for column movement ensures considerable floor space saving.

One Man Operation
One person can operate the system very easily since storage and retrieval is completely automated.

Fast Retrieval
High speed and simultaneous movement in both the plains ensure fast retrieval of material.

High Safety of Stored Material
Completely enclosed system with locking of operating window.

Easily Expandable
Modular system allows easy expansion of racks and main carriage being the same, the additional cost is comparatively lesser.