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Stomat Compactors
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  Stomat Compactors - Mobile Rack Storage Systems
Space magnum : Stomat Compactors - Mobile Rack Storage SystemsThe system that knows no limits
Stomat mobile shelving provides extensive storage space within a limited area. And if the need for more storage becomes evident at a later date, Stomat has the solution.
More space, and no need to expand. That cuts costs. The Stomat compactor system requires far less room than conventional shelving and with new premises you can even allow for extra spaces in the planning phase.

Stomat compactor, the right system for every application.

Space magnum : Stomat Compactors - Mobile Rack Storage SystemsMobile shelving - Benefits

Instead of many space-consuming, individual aisles between fixed units, with the Stomat mobile system, a single aisle provides access to all shelves. Fixed shelving is only needed for simultaneous access to all items in the store. In all other cases, aisles between each shelving unit are simply uneconomical. So just push your shelves together. It's as easy as that.

Whether in offices, workshops or households, Stomat is the ideal solutions. Practical examples shows that you can store while saving space and still maintain rapid access. Files, Suspended Folders, Registers, Card Indexs, Clothes, Fittings, Electrical and Electronic Accessories, Shoes, Paints, Medicaments, Bin and a lot more. Stomat Compactors demands little space and offers a storage capacity that you would never have thought.

Optimal solution for all types of storage

Aisle Security

For your special requirements or tailor-made products, call on our trained advisors for a complete site survey, design, supply and installation service.

We can provide suitable drives for every weight class and application to suit the overall weight of your storage shelves and their frequency of use.

Manual Operation
A block of several shelving base with a maximum overall weight of 1200 kg can be moved using the manual system.

Crank Operation

The crank drive with a 1:6 reduction ratio permits easy movement of shelving base or blocks of bases with a maximum weight of 10 Tonne.

Electric Drive

This drive is mainly used in systems with very heavy loads. Single motor drive is via a friction wheel running on the rail. The control system is designed to meet specific customer requirements.

Central Locking System
The central locking system protects the entire system against unauthorised access.

Space magnum : Optimal solution for all types of storage

Stomat Compactors
Mobile Rack Storage System

Space magnum : Stomat Compactors Mobile Rack Storage SystemFixed units with 30 bays,each providing six meters of shelf space = 180 linear meter With mobile shelving , the same space can house 54 shelving units with the same shelf space = 324 linear meters of shelf space. The gain in space is thus 144 linear meters - an improvement of 80%!

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