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Our Modus Operandi
Systematic study of your stores when we are called in, we undertake a systematic study of your existing stores.

This Involves
Nature of your activity
Understanding the variety of items in the stores
Dimensions, weight and quantity of such items
Frequency and volume of their retrieval
Inventory control system
Floor space & height available in the stores
Automation levels of the organisation

While doing this, our team of specialists interacts with the people at several levels in the organisation. This provides us an insight on their requirements, day-to-day problems and their expectations from the storage system.

This information helps us in perfect planning and layout of your stores and the system selection.

Planning Your Stores
The next obvious stage is to plan your stores.

This is based on ensuring smooth and instantaneous material storage and retrieval, making optimal use of the floor space and the height. By selecting the appropriate storage systems from our range, a complete stores layout is planned. This gives you a clear idea on several aspects such as

Floor space saving
Saving in retrieval time
Saving in manpower
Storage capacity enhanced with the new system
and other allied benefits

This comes in the form of a techno-commercial proposal. Obviously, you have the flexibility to implement these ideas together or in phases. But a complete picture is created right in the beginning, before you order the system.

Implementation of The Project
After the finalisation of the project, our expert team begins an in-depth analysis by interacting with the actual users of the storage system in your organisation.

This ensure that even the smallest problem is taken into consideration.

The detailed system designs are provided for the approval, specification drawn through joint consultation.
On your approval of the drawings and specifications, the system is fabricated in our well-equipped plant in Pune.

Trials are conducted in our plant in your presence before the dispatch. This saves valuable time, normally wasted in on-site experiments.

After you are completely satisfied with the trial results, our erection team installs and commissions the system in your stores in minimum possible time.

In our opinion, user training is one of the most important aspects. Hence, our expert engineers will be with your stores people for the initial period the impart complete training on the operation, routine maintenance and troubleshooting of the system.

With this methodology, you are sure of receiving the right storage systems suiting most to your requirements & which are well designed, well manufactured, completely tested and handed over with training to your personnel.

Then is the time for you to relax and reap the benefits.