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About Us
In 1992, Space Magnum started as a small fabrication and assembly shop undertaking job work for conventional Mobile Racks.

While doing this, from a close interaction with several users of storage systems it was revealed that there are several manufacturers of a variety of storage systems right from slotted angle racks to automated vertical carousels. But, almost none were considering the stores in totality. In several cases, in their attempt to 'sell' whatever they produced or had, the customers were paying a hefty price for 'wrong products'.

The situation definitely called for a wider perspective and integrated approach. The thought proved an inspiration for Space Magnum.

With a higher thrust on product development and after having developed innovative solutions for over a decade, today Space Magnum is equipped with a wide range of storage systems for a variety of storage needs ranging from 0.5 gm washer to 5 Ton injection molding die and from 1 cm3 IC chip to 1.5 m3 corrugated boxes.

Over the years, the company has not only laid emphasis on the development of technologically advanced storage systems, but also mastered in several other allied areas such as system study, project management, structural engineering, electronics engineering and software development for storage systems. With its sincere approach and committed efforts, today Space Magnum has acquired a reputation among its customers of being a 'Storage System Solution Provider.'

The willingness to develop customised solution, designing and manufacturing a flawless product and honouring time commitments culminate into a wide customer base all over the country and in a variety of industries.

For Space Magnum, this is just the beginning of revolutionising the concept of stores Or should we call it TSM?
Space Magnum is been recognized for building the tallest installation of Vertical Carousels in South Asia.

Space Magnum is the 1st Indian Manufacturer for ASRS (Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems) in India with software integration to SAP solutions and Inventory Management Solutions.