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  Storder - Modular Multi-axis Storage & Retrieval System
Storder is the latest addition to the product range of Space Magnum.
This new-generation storage system utilizes a triple-axis (X, Y, Z) movement.

Storder assures optimized efficiency & storage capacity as it blends the advantages of both Stolift & Stopick in a limited space. It is most effective where a large number of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) cannot be accommodated in a single Stolift machine without hampering the accessability of the SKUs.

Storder can be expanded only vertically by increasing the number of windows.

The number of picks per hour can be increased or matched with the number of picks of individual Stolift machine.

Space magnum : Storder - Modular Multi-axis Storage & Retrieval SystemBenifits

Storder estimates the need for access openings on each machine.

It reduces cost of maintenance and number of operations..

It can achieve a high level precision and automation of storage & retrieval

Needs of manufacturing industry, stocklist, distributions, warehouses.

Special Features

Retrieving mechanism of unique design which is light weight & yet robust

High-performance chain with less noise during operation

Torsion-free structure & sturdy covers

Excellent positioning accuracy