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  Stolong - Retrieval System For Longer Sections
A matchless blend of swiftness & economy, Stolong is a perfect solution for storing and retrieving bars, building and facade profiles, metal fittings and sheet metal systems of varied sizes and quantities. It is most beneficial in steel and metal service centers and manufacturing, plastics and aluminium industries. A higher storage capacity, faster access and moderate investments are the main features of Stolong. Faster drives and a double pulling device of the gantry crane add to the efficiency of Stolong which guarantees economical material flow.

Perfect Automation

The ergonomically designed Stolong system offers perfect automation for the customer's storage requirement. It uses the random cassette principle. The storage systems can provide cycle times of varied speeds to suit his needs and bring the material to the operator. The gantry cranes in the system can achieve up to 50 double cycles per hour. Material can be retrieved from and carried to several workstations with more cycles than systems with permanent locations.

Stolong systems can reach height up to 25 m (82 ft). Stolong systems offer the following options - commissioning cranes, buffer tables with chain conveyors, bundling devices, truck routeing systems. Additional options of cassette dividers, inside linings and floor coverings are also available.